• Miaomiao

    A brave four-year-old Chinese Canadian who loves adventure, Miaomiao is a terrific teacher and is always ready to play with her friends.

  • Doudou

    Miaomiao’s best friend in the whole wide world. Doudou and Miaomiao are rarely apart, and he loves to take photos of their adventures with his camera.

  • Beepbeep

    A tiny bird with a whole lot of courage. He sleeps way up high in his comfy nest, but sometimes needs help from the gang when it blows away.

  • Coco

    This baby moose has got style! She loves to play dress up, but can be pretty shy, so needs a bit of encouragement from her friends to help her really shine.

  • Benben

    A hungry hungry polar bear, Benben really loves to eat! Though he can get a bit distracted by his favourite snacks sometimes, his happy-go-lucky personality makes him impossible not to love.

  • Tantan

    This tricky monkey is always thinking of clever pranks to pull on the gang. He loves a good laugh but his friends make sure he never goes too far.

Learning a few Mandarin words is just the start.

We want to provide an engaging and encouraging way for kids to experience Miaomiao’s world from her distinct and charming preschool point of view in our apps, TV series and educational resources, always with that essential secret ingredient – fun!

We also offer preschool language learning components across all media that introduce kids further to Miaomiao’s second language, Mandarin. For those looking for Chinese language resources, we aim to provide fun activities that support learning in a fun and meaningful way for kids, parents and teachers.

  • Easy-to-learn Mandarin words are used playfully in preschool stories and games.
  • Vocabulary sections offer phonetic spelling options, along with pinyin.
  • Miaomiao is a great learning tool for classrooms teaching Chinese language or cultures, as well as for parents looking for fun ways to introduce kids to the language.

About Lofty Sky

Lofty Sky is an exciting new film, television and digital media production company based in Toronto that combines culture and technology to create media properties that entertain, inspire and educate across platforms.

With expertise in kids, factual, feature film and digital gaming, Lofty Sky produces culturally engaging cross-media content for global audiences of all ages.

Miaomiao has received support from leading media funding agencies in Canada including the Canada Media Fund, Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund and investment from the Shaw Rocket Fund. A Chinese-language version of Miaomiao TV-series airs exclusively on New Tang Dynasty Television in Canada.

My wife is Chinese, and we struggle to find ways to bring our children up in a bilingual environment and keep them excited about learning. But we’re also seeing that Miaomiao apps are a fun experience that kids really enjoy even if they don’t have an interest in learning Chinese. That’s a win.