What is the Lantern Festival?

The Lantern Festival is the culmination of all New Year celebrations and occurs on the last day of the Chinese New Year during a full moon. In fact, the festival is so important that lantern parks are built specifically for this event in China. The Lantern Festival reaches its peak at night when all the lanterns… read more

Engaging Your Child with Bilingual Vocabulary

Children love looking through pictures, which was the inspiration behind our vocabulary section. It is set up like a scrapbook with polaroid photos that your child can look through and tap on to hear the vocabulary word. Why not turn it into a fun activity and look through the photos together? Here are some engaging… read more

Top 10 Mandarin Words to Learn for Chinese New Year

Every holiday has customs, ornaments, food and items that make it feel and taste special. Chinese New Year is no exception. Here is a set of 10 Mandarin words that kids can learn for this special occasion: 1) 鞭炮 (biān pào) – Firecracker Since ancient times in China, villagers would light firecrackers to scare away… read more

5 Easy Chinese Snacks to Make at Home

What goes into the perfect snack? Is it that tasty combination of sweet and salty? Or maybe that perfect bite-sized portion that gives you just the right amount of energy between meals? And how about that satisfying crunch? We’ve rounded up a few Chinese snack recipes that tick all these boxes, and the homemade aspect… read more