Social Lessons From Our TV Episodes in Playdate with Miaomiao

Here are a few points you can talk to your child while watching the Playdate episodes: Picnic Benben was so excited to be outdoors with his friends, that he didn’t realize he was ruining Doudou’s camera shots or Miaomiao’s picnic. Sometimes when we’re playing with our friends we don’t notice how they feel about our… read more

Sandwich Game – Explaining Benben’s Reactions and Labeling Feelings

When we watch children play the Sandwich Mini Game in Playdate with Miaomiao, they’re mostly excited to see Benben’s reactions. We’ve seen preschoolers spend twenty minutes carefully devising and thinking about the ingredients. The biggest achievement for children is when they realize what ingredient causes what reaction. We’ve seen them pile up hot peppers or… read more

Hyperactive Children and Playtime

Is your child like the sun, beaming energy as she jumps from one couch to the next, tosses stuffed toys across the bed and dances wildly to a singing reindeer? Playdates with a hyperactive child don’t always include books on the agenda, but it doesn’t mean you have to get burned out chasing your bundle… read more

How Preschoolers See TV

A lot of times small children see something different in a show than adults. Often children look for perspectives to unsolved problems at their social and emotional level. It could be that little Michael misses his mom during the day, is sad that his baby brother gets all the attention, or doesn’t know how to… read more

Preschool Parenting Tip – Meeting New Friends

Children have different reactions when meeting kids for the first time and a lot of it has to do with setting an example. The way you and your child communicate at home affects how your child interacts with others. Be an active listener and have rich conversations with your child. Talk about something new, something you like or… read more

What is the Lantern Festival?

The Lantern Festival is the culmination of all New Year celebrations and occurs on the last day of the Chinese New Year during a full moon. In fact, the festival is so important that lantern parks are built specifically for this event in China. The Lantern Festival reaches its peak at night when all the lanterns… read more

Engaging Your Child with Bilingual Vocabulary

Children love looking through pictures, which was the inspiration behind our vocabulary section. It is set up like a scrapbook with polaroid photos that your child can look through and tap on to hear the vocabulary word. Why not turn it into a fun activity and look through the photos together? Here are some engaging… read more