The New Moon at Chinese New Year

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The Story of the Zodiac Animals (and why there’s no Year of the Cat)

Once upon a time, long ago, in China, the Jade Emperor decided that there should be a way to measure time on earth. To do so, he told the animals that there should be a swimming race. “Hmmmmmmm,” he stroked his beard lost in deep thought, “it would please me to see all the animals participate… read more

Top 10 Mandarin Words to Learn for Chinese New Year

Every holiday has customs, ornaments, food and items that make it feel and taste special. Chinese New Year is no exception. Here is a set of 10 Mandarin words that kids can learn for this special occasion: 1) 鞭炮 (biān pào) – Firecracker Since ancient times in China, villagers would light firecrackers to scare away… read more

What Colors Mean in Chinese Culture

Colors are everywhere. They’re our brain’s way of sorting out the light reflected off every object and surface. We associate different colors with different meanings and ideas, and use colors to stir emotional reaction. Chinese culture and tradition use colors that have become an integral part of much of ancient and modern Chinese life. The… read more

What is the Lantern Festival?

The Lantern Festival is the culmination of all New Year celebrations and occurs on the last day of the Chinese New Year during a full moon. In fact, the festival is so important that lantern parks are built specifically for this event in China. The Lantern Festival reaches its peak at night when all the lanterns… read more

Why Red and Gold on Chinese New Year?

Red and Gold are the most commonly associated colors for Chinese New Year and carry with them deep cultural and historical significance. Red Why do we see so much red during Chinese New Year? Because it is considered as the luckiest, prosperous and joyful colour of them all in Chinese culture! On Chinese New Year,… read more