Chinese New Year will be here before you know it and starting the lunar new year off right is essential. The festival is considered to be the most important 15 days of the year, setting the tone for a tradition built on prosperity and fortune. Here are our three favorite articles from Chinese American Family that will help you get the most out of Chinese New Year:

1. How to Prepare for Chinese New Year

This article provides a detailed list of things to prepare starting one week out from Chinese New Year, everything from how to send off the Kitchen God to why it’s a good idea to settle your outstanding debts.

2. How to Spot Dragon and Lion Dances at Chinese New Year

Which one is the lion and which one is the dragon? Many people get confused between lion dancers and dragon dancers during a Chinese New Year celebration. This article will teach you how to spot which is which.

3. How to Give Red Envelopes at Chinese New Year

You’ve probably seen the Chinese red envelope (or been on the receiving end of one), but do you know the proper etiquette for giving them out? In this article Chinese American Family breaks down the five most common scenarios for giving red envelopes during Chinese New Year.

We hope these articles will help you enjoy the lunar new year even more and give you the confidence to know how to celebrate in style (and proper etiquette). For more articles like the ones above visit

The original author of the Chinese New Year Guide is Wes Radez, creator of Chinese American Family. The site focuses on cultural parenting topics like holidays, food, history and language, while reaching a diverse community of families that includes Chinese Americans, multicultural couples, adoptive parents and other Americans with connections to Chinese culture.