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Here are a few points you can talk to your child while watching the Playdate episodes:


Benben was so excited to be outdoors with his friends, that he didn’t realize he was ruining Doudou’s camera shots or Miaomiao’s picnic. Sometimes when we’re playing with our friends we don’t notice how they feel about our actions. Or sometimes we’re upset with a friend for taking things without asking.

It’s good to forgive friends if they do something wrong, and say “sorry” when we upset a friend.



Tantan got so carried away taking photos of himself, that the giraffe almost ate his tail! Poor Tantan just wanted Miaomiao and Doudou to play with him more, but he took things a bit too far. We don’t have to do crazy things like Tantan to get attention.

Being patient with our friends means everyone can have a great time.



Doudou the lion is a really good circus performer — so good that he wanted to perform in Miaomiao’s circus all the time, without letting others have a turn. Eventually he got carried away and broke the circus tent!

When we’re playing a game with lots of friends, we have to work as a team so everyone gets a chance to play.



Miaomiao was in charge of camping, but Doudou knows a lot about outdoors too. When Doudou tries to teach Miaomiao how to tie her tent the right way, Miaomiao doesn’t want to hear it because she’s the boss! If only Miaomiao listened to Doudou, her tent would not have been blown away in the storm.

Being in charge of something is a big responsibility, but we still have to listen to our friends.


Amusement Park

Miaomiao doesn’t know how to swim, but she doesn’t want to admit it to her friends. Then she accidentally falls into the pool and reveals her secret. Luckily it turns out to be a wading pool where all small kids can play.

When we don’t know how to do something or are afraid, it’s better to tell parents or friends. That way we can pick an activity everyone can participate in and enjoy.


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