5 Easy Chinese Snacks to Make at Home

What goes into the perfect snack? Is it that tasty combination of sweet and salty? Or maybe that perfect bite-sized portion that gives you just the right amount of energy between meals? And how about that satisfying crunch? We’ve rounded up a few Chinese snack recipes that tick all these boxes, and the homemade aspect… read more

Celebrations & Traditions: Red Eggs

Did you know that red eggs symbolize good wishes for a new start in Chinese culture?  Often served to guests as part of a baby’s first birthday and first month celebrations, red eggs can be given at other important birthdays and weddings too.  Red is a Chinese symbol for good fortune, so red eggs have… read more

Engaging Your Child with Bilingual Vocabulary

Children love looking through pictures, which was the inspiration behind our vocabulary section. It is set up like a scrapbook with polaroid photos that your child can look through and tap on to hear the vocabulary word. Why not turn it into a fun activity and look through the photos together? Here are some engaging… read more

Feed The Shark – Preschool Color Identification Game

This fun underwater-themed game is great for learning about colors. Call out a color  (in English and Mandarin!) and encourage your child to feed the shark with the fish of that color. Older kids can help with cutting out the fist and the shark’s body. Materials: Colored construction paper (we used green, red, blue, yellow… read more

Fork-Painted Puffer Fish

With just a fork and some paint, this adorable little guy is incredibly easy to make with your preschooler. Materials: Construction paper – green, white and black Poster or acrylic paint (we used yellow to stand out on the green paper background) Scissors A gluestick A fork A paper plate Instructions: Cut out two small… read more

How Preschoolers See TV

A lot of times small children see something different in a show than adults. Often children look for perspectives to unsolved problems at their social and emotional level. It could be that little Michael misses his mom during the day, is sad that his baby brother gets all the attention, or doesn’t know how to… read more

Hyperactive Children and Playtime

Is your child like the sun, beaming energy as she jumps from one couch to the next, tosses stuffed toys across the bed and dances wildly to a singing reindeer? Playdates with a hyperactive child don’t always include books on the agenda, but it doesn’t mean you have to get burned out chasing your bundle… read more